Iotla UMC

Some History

 The first church was a one room building. The material being hauled by wagon and constructed by members, friends in the valley, all work and materials being donated. The building was painted white, plain windows, lighted by oil lamps and heated by wood stove. Curtains were used to separate the classes during Sunday School. During this period a path connected the Methodist and Baptist Churches. The members of each church attended each other’s church on “preaching days”. This was also the days when travel was by horse, buggy and wagon. The men sat on the left side, women and children on the right. The pews also were hand made. 

The Word Iotla

 Iotla is a Native American name that means Beautiful Peaceful Valley. The valley and churches and school all retained this name. Most believe the first Circuit Rider may have been Andrew Hammell who served the circuit between 1838-1839.   .   

Come and Visit

The church is more modern now but still has that old church feel.  This is a  small friendly congregation with hearts larger than the building can hold.  Our mission field is the local community whom we serve with our food pantry and the Iotla Elementary School directly across the street. We love teachers and students!